How can I remain in the state of awareness in the present?

Q: Can you guide me further as to how to remain in the state of awareness in the present. Because I am trying to live [it] but I forget in tiny things. I know now that this samsara is a dream like the nightdreams but then I forget and live like it is real and it affects me and my all. How can I remain in the present and overcome the forgetfulness of my true self? During the day while I am involved with my duties how can I retain my light of wisdom that it’s a dream-like reality and it’s just a dream like the dream at night?

A: Simply Be Aware when you are not present to the light of Awareness. When you notice you are not present, then you are immediately present. Also, investigate this imaginary ‘person’ who wants “to be aware” or wants to hold on to something – they are the imposter. You are Awareness itself in Reality – fundamentally you can never move away from or out of this – it’s only your thoughts and perceptions that cloud and veil it from time to time, and fool you into believing you have lost something. Don’t believe those thoughts, perceptions, mental states, or moods – they are fleeting mind states – they are not the Truth of your real Nature and if clung to and believed in they will disempower you. Let them go and recognize, as Black Elk says [in the teaching this question is arising from], that only with and through the power of ‘the Great Spirit within you’ (Awareness itself) can we face the winds. With all good wishes.