Making a donation

The Dhamma is offered freely, with joy, so all can partake.
This is a timeless tradition.

Many people have asked about how to make a donation however, so we’ve provided some information below. All donations will support the nuns’ daily requisites and the running costs of the hermitage, and are very gratefully received.

The options for making donations are:

  • PayPal

If you have a PayPal account, here’s a direct link for your convenience.

To avoid fees (except for the currency conversion fee if you’re sending from outside of Australia), choose the option ‘Send to friends…’. Then, if you have no PayPal Balance, select the bank account (not the card) connected to your PayPal account, as this will avoid the fees.

  • Direct Bank Transfer*

From within Australia:

Bank: Bank Australia

BSB: 313 140

Account Number: 12265133

Account Name: Viveka Hermitage 

*If you live outside of Australia, please contact us for the details you need to make an International Bank transfer.

  • Gift Card

For those who wish to offer a gift card donation, a Woolworths Supermarket e-gift card can be utilised for food and other items to support the nuns.
Here’s a link for your convenience.

Please contact us for the phone number you’ll need to supply in the process, so as the e-gift card can be sent through to us directly.

  • Sponsor a meal

If you’d like to sponsor a meal (dana) for the nuns, we can order it from a local food manufacturer who delivers ready made meals – a $50 donation would cover for the nuns’ main meal of the day.

And if you’d like to dedicate the dana offering for someone special, just email the hermitage with details and the nuns will make the special dedication with their mealtime chanting.

~ Thank you for your support ~
May your kindness and generosity return to you a thousand-fold!