Guided Meditations

Below are various guided meditations offered by Ayya Jitindriyā and Samaneri Jayasāra. We’ll add new meditations from time to time.
You can stream directly or download them. (Some browsers don’t show a download option, but we know that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge do!)

(NB: these are best listened to through headphones)

In addition to these recordings, you can also find an archive of ‘live’ guided meditations with Q & A offered via the YouTube channel, found on this link:

YouTube Guided Meditations with Q & A

From the ‘Weapon of Light’ series:

Resting the Mind – by Dr Nida Chenagtsang

All the meditations below are from Samaneri Jayasāra:

The Still Point

Guided Metta Meditation

Resting As Presence

Guided Meditation on Listening

Yoga Nidra – 61 Points
(for Sleep & Relaxation)

Soft Butter Method – Guided Meditation

Guided Body Scan Meditation

Guided Meditation on Tilopa’s Six Points

Recognising Awareness

Silence and Stillness Meditation

Guided Breath Meditation

Four Elements Meditation

Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Openness and Acceptance

Present Moment Awareness Meditation

The Unshakable Heart of Awareness

A Guided Meditation on Spaciousness

A Guided Meditation on Resting in Natural Awareness

A Guided Meditation on the Four Noble Truths

Self Enquiry Meditation

Liberation from Thinking Meditation

A Guided Meditation on No-thing In Particular