How to Remove Ignorance and the false sense of ‘I’?

Q: How to remove ignorance? How to remove the false sense of I? I ask because I am in deep suffering and seek …

A: I would just encourage you to continue listening to these teachings – especially if those of Ramana Maharshi are speaking to you. His words are very healing and clarifying for how to remove suffering. In essence, the encouragement is to continue to enquire and to investigate: “Who is this me that is suffering?”

When we look closely and with a quiet and still mind, we start to see and realise that this sense of self that I walk around with is a false construct. When we start to see with insight how this ‘ego’ is built and sustained through persistent and false thoughts we will understand the cause of suffering. However, we have to start to practice stillness and inner quietude in order to see this clearly, and with this inner seeing the suffering will dissolve. Keep listening, keep practicing – set aside time every day to go within and there, and only there, will you find the path to the end of all suffering. I wish you well and send all blessings for your liberation.