Which practice is the best preparation for death and enlightenment?

Q: Which practice/meditation is the best preparation for this experience of death and enlightenment please.

A: Any meditation practice which helps you let go of the identity and belief of yourself as the body/mind will be helpful at the moment of death. However, there are specific ‘death contemplation’ practices that the Buddha taught, such as contemplating the 32 parts of the body and the meditation practice that focuses on the repulsive aspects of the body – good for those who have a lot of lust and think this body is ‘beautiful’ and desirable. However, depending on how you relate to your body or another’s body, it might be sufficient to just consistently contemplate the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and the fact that death could arrive at any moment. This has the effect of waking us up and shaking us from our complacency. As long as it is done with right view and wisdom it is the best preparation for our impending death.