Why is confusion caused, only for it to be resolved time and again?

Q: Even calmly abiding in the Dharmakaya for a few moments is a blessing. An awareness of the proliferation or its resolution seems natural and harmonious. I was blown by Padmasambhava’s assertion that the true nature doesn’t even have a tendency to proliferate. It just happens. It is its nature. But since the source has no need to proliferate thereby creating the samsara, why does it happen? What purpose does it serve? Why is the confusion caused only for it to be resolved time and time again?

A: The simple answer as to HOW this is caused, as given by the Buddha, is – ‘ignorance’ (avijja / ma-rigpa). The slightly longer answer is ignorance, karma, craving/clinging are the causes and conditions for samsara and proliferation.

Regarding the question, WHY? I quote Ayya Jitindriya – “The search for meaning is a pursuit of the ego.”
Finally, to quote a Dzogchen Master who responded to the question, “Where does ignorance come from?” He said, “If there’s ignorance it has to come from somewhere; but if there’s no ignorance it doesn’t have to come from anywhere!”

I hope some of these various reflections help somewhat.