Welcome dear Dhamma friends to our new website!

After many months of slow and meticulous work, and a huge learning curve, Ayya Jitindriya has created this site to share a range of Dhamma resources with you all. We’ll be adding more content regularly, and we hope you find it nourishing and deepening for your practice.

It is interesting to find oneself in this realm of technological speediness and abundance that is the internet. The rate at which information is being shared and the volume of material being communicated is truly astounding and at times overwhelming. The Dharma itself is becoming more and more available and there seems to be thousands of apps, podcasts, channels, and so on, offering meditation, mindfulness, and a host of spiritual teachings and teachers. This is truly wonderful but also a time for using discernment and wisdom.

Our intention here in creating yet another ‘site’ is to offer something fresh and free of charge from a couple of Buddhist nuns who have been around for a while. We live with a 20-year-old cat who brings us much joy, peace, and love by her simple, open, trusting beingness. And like ‘Cat’, these physical forms are slowing down and waning (often aching), our memories are sometimes laughable, and our worldly desires and interests are diminishing. Such is the nature of this samsaric realm. However, the Buddha-Dhamma has been, and always will be our guiding light. It is our firm and unwavering refuge throughout any storms and confusions, and for this we have an unending gratitude and commitment.

Before we depart this earthly plane therefore, we are inspired to share with you this unearthly treasure and for you to discover, or rediscover it for yourselves.

Please enjoy the range of Dhamma resources on offer here. May they bring you much peace, joy, deepening wisdom and lead to the end of all suffering.

Bhavatu sabba-mangalam

May every blessing come to be

Rakkhantu sabba-devatā

And all good spirits guard you well.


Through the power of all Buddhas,


Through the power of all Dhammas,


Through the power of all Sanghas,

Sadā sotthi bhavantu te

May you always be at ease.

~ Bhavatu Sabba-mangalam ~

Samaneri Jayasara and Ayya Jitindriya – and Cat 

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